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Setrak Setrakian"s

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Lebanese International Composer and pianist Setrak Setrakian"s CDs are at"

Setrak Setrakian is an artist of incredible sensibility. He haves a great background as composer from were it comes his great creativity and understanding of the form and drama of each musical line. As a player he fulfills his necessity of immediate and direct communication, being perfectly passionate but always in a profound equilibrium. The maturity of this artist is remarkable, and a serious reflection is taken from each one of his performances. In the present recordings Mr. Setrakian present us some of the most famous of Beethovens Sonatas, which are a paramount of the piano repertory and technique. Also are works of great expressive writing, which a composer and pianist as Mr. Setrakian is can develop in real moments of pure drama. The other Cd includes landmarks of the Romantic period being most of them also works of a high technical demand. Here Mr. Setrakian show us his usual poetic touch along with his impressive piano technique. Interesting is the arrangement of Katchaturian Sabre dance by the performer.
Miguel Almaguer - Pianist and Composer. Mexico

TheLebanon.com Online Magazine says
Under his talent, music is mastered, contempled and pushed to it extreme limit to bring back like from beneath the white keys...

Besides being a great friend, Setrak Antoine Setrakian is definitely an important musician able to write rivers of music without interruption, rapidly and instinctively. Setrak, gifted with an innate absolute pitch and profundity of soul, is always able to "read between the lines" and masterfully interpret life"s moments. His music leaps from the heart, suddenly and instinctively, not always respectful of accademic rules, and is accompanied by a quest for purity of tones amongst the multiplicity of sounds. I am truly grateful to have known Setrak the man and the artist, and I gladly dedicate this page to his cause: that he might soon be discovered and valued.
Alessandro G. Simonetto, Composer and Pianist, proprietor of Kunst der Fuge.

David Ferlengstein
Genaral Director, World Music Corporation

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